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Refresh Recharge Renew

Added augmented reality feature so that you can see the Pod in your current space!

Now.. Lets talk relaxing managing your stress while at work. The bottom line doesn't lie, happy employees happy work environment equals great production!

Please contact for details!


Ergonomic Perfection

The countour of the EnergyPod takes pressure off the cardiac system with the elevation of the feet and relaxes the muscles of the lower back with a slight bend in the knees.

Privacy Visor

The EnergyPod’s sphere provides semi-privacy without overly enclosing. Rotate the privacy visor for additional seclusion.

Interface Console

Set the timer to the desired duration, or use the one-touch start button for a perfect pre-programmed 20 minute power nap.

Timed Waking

Gentle but effective waking as a programmed combination of lights, music and vibration is executed.

Built-In Speaker

Specially composed rhythms play to facilitate relaxation and eliminate surrounding distractions. Listen through the built-in speaker or use optional headphones.